Residential re-roof

Domestic roofs


NERC undertake all kinds of residential roofing work from complete new roofs to maintenance and repairs

Your property is probably your biggest asset and getting a professional team of roofing specialists to carry out the work is essential. Whether you are looking for a new roof for a new build project or looking to re-roof and existing property, choosing NERC means your job will be carried out by the right team, with the best materials and skills for the job.  


Guide to Domestic Roofing

Undertaking roof renewals, maintenance or repair work can be a daunting task and this page is here to give you an overview of how to go about finding the right roofing contractor.

When requesting a quote its worth jotting down a few things about your property such as

  • When it was built or approximately how old it is

  • The type of roof style

  • Any specific problems you are having

Simple information like this can help us to determine the construction and materials used on your roof and assist us in the planning and quotation process. Understanding how your property roof has been constructed to keep your home waterproof, will also provide us with key information about the possible cause of problems you may be experiencing.

When selecting a roofing contractor, you should always choose a reputable company who have trained and experienced roofers who can undertake the work.

Your property is probably the single most valuable asset you will ever own, and you need to protect it against poor workmanship or cowboy roofers.

When selecting a roofing contractor choose a roofer who is a member of the National Federation of Roofing Contractors. This organisation and their members adhere to high quality standards of workmanship, materials and training regimes and promote quality in the roofing industry. We have been members for over a decade and were the proud recipients of the NFRC Gold Award in 2019 for Health and Safety in Roofing.

There are two types of roof maintenance that you are likely to undertake as a homeowner. Either proactive or reactive work. By undertaking proactive maintenance of your roof, you should help to mitigate the risk of requiring reactive maintenance which can be more serious. Reactive maintenance is usually triggered by water coming into the property or problems with damp and mould. A trained, qualified and trustworthy tradesman is critical, especially if you do not understand your roof covering or the things that can potentially go wrong.

Roof Types

Here are some of the different types of roof structure you may see on UK homes and commercial buildings. It should help you identify the type of roof your property has so you can discuss it with any potential roofing contractors.

Grade I and Grade II Properties

These roofs require a contractor who has trained roofers who have experience of working on heritage properties. At North East Roofing Contractors we are heritage roofers trained to carry out repairs and maintenance on these important buildings to the highest of standards.

Grade I and Grade II listed buildings are those building that are of national importance, historically and architecturally. Grade I properties are rarer than Grade II and have tighter planning regulations associated with them, but both require special consent before any work can be carried out. In the main the exterior features of these historical and architecturally important buildings have to be kept intact and clearly the roof is a key feature of these properties.

You will need a roofing contractor who has been trained to work with more traditional materials and technics and who understands how these significantly important properties have been constructed. Our roofers are LSTA trained and experienced in working with material such as lead and other hard construction metals.