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Roof repairs and maintenance

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Are you in need of Roof Repairs? Have you noticed a problem with your roof? Or have you seen signs of a roof leak?

Is your roof suffering from water ingress, damp or even mould issues? It could be caused by poorly maintained guttering, perished flashing or seals, missing or cracked tiles or general storm damage.


Regular roof maintenance and repairs is essential and may prevent more costly problems later down the line. NERC offers a free roof check to diagnose any problems and will quote to carry out any necessary repairs, maintenance work or reroofing if needed.

Get a Free Roof MOT

Get in touch today to book your free no obligation ‘Roof MOT’,

A roof MOT from NERC offers free advice regarding your roof, we provide you with a free estimate and carry out all the work your roof requires. Call us today on 0191 244 9587.