Conservation and Heritage Roofing

01 October 2021

Here are NERC, we are proud to say that we hold the NVQ Gold Standard qualification in conservation and heritage roofing techniques. 

Our most recent conservation and heritage project involved the team using Yorkshire stone slates. This project saw the team completely strip back the roof using traditional techniques, restoring all the original frameworks, and salvaging as much of the existing stone as possible. 

The defective shortfall was made up with a close matching York stone and kept within its traditional style following conservation regulations. What may seem surprising to some was that there was no felted membrane used; we used the old technique of torching the inside with lime mortar for draft, water ingress and stone fixing purposes.  

We provide all types of heritage roof repair and restoration work and our specialist team come fully equipped to work on all types of English Heritage properties from houses to commercial buildings. 

If you have a heritage property that requires roofing work, then contact us today for expert advice and a free quotation.